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An important message from Dr. Sundeep Grewal

Attention to all patients of Dr. Sundeep Grewal

Dear Patient,

Dr. Sundeep Grewal will be moving to a new clinic in September 2023.

You do not need to do anything as all medical charts will be automatically transferred to minimize any disruption to your clinical care.  

**Dr. Grewal will continue to be your Family Physician**

Where is the new clinic? 

Dr. Grewal will be moving to:

MedCare Plus Medical Clinic.

7618 6th St,  Burnaby,  BC V3N 0G6

Tel: 604 600 3911

Fax: 604 628 3857


Will Dr. Grewal continue to be my Doctor? 

Yes. Dr. Grewal will continue to be your Family Doctor.

The only thing that changes for you is where to go for appointments and how to book  for appointments (please see below for details).

When will Dr. Grewal be moving? 

Dr. Grewal’s last day seeing patients at Imperial Medical Clinic is Saturday 9th September  2023.  

All of Dr Sundeep Grewal’s patients will be seen at the new clinic (MedCare Plus) from Tuesday 12th September 2023.

When can I book appointments at MedCare Plus? 

You will be able to schedule appointments at MedCare Plus from Monday 11th September  2023.

How can I book appointments at MedCare Plus? 

Online or via telephone

You will be able to book appointments at MedCare Plus from 11th September 2023 by  visiting: 

Or by calling 604 600 3911.

What do I need to do? 

From September 2023, please inform your specialists/specialist office during your  appointment or at time of appointment booking that Dr Grewal will be working at MedCare  Plus. This will ensure Dr Grewal receives your consultation notes from your specialists in a  timely manner,

For tests done from September, such as Life Labs, X-Ray, Ultrasound or MRI, please tell  them that Dr Grewal has moved clinic office to MedCare Plus. This will ensure your results  reach the correct clinic in a timely manner. Patients are required to book a follow-up with  Dr. Grewal to discuss their lab results/imaging results or specialist consultations.  

Are Dr. Grewal’s clinic hours changing? 


Is there parking available? 

Yes, street parking is available around the clinic.

Is there anything else I need to know? 

We will try to do everything to ensure a smooth transition. Nevertheless, sometimes there  may be unforeseen problems as moving can be a complex process. We appreciate your  patience in this.

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